Every project begins with a consultation.

Sometimes, the consult is all you need. Do you already have a pretty solid vision of what you want and you just need an experienced professional to confirm your ideas and provide advice for moving forward on your own? Perhaps you need help selecting interior paint colors or deciding on a new living room layout. Perfect - let’s do a consult.

Or maybe you have a big project ahead of you and you’re shopping around for a team of professionals that you can trust to handle everything. Perfect - let’s do a consult. A design consultation will let you get to know me and my process, and it will help me get an idea of your project scope and needs so I can give you an estimate for further services.


Schedule a consultation for a day and time that works for you. When you're done booking, you will get a confirmation email and your appointment will be added to our calendar!

Our designer will come to your home on the date and time you selected and spend up to 90 minutes with you, chatting about your project and answering all of your questions.

After the consultation, you have the option to either DIY or hire Nature's Interior for your project. If you're interested in a full design, she'll send a design fee proposal over to you!


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