Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations

When it comes to designing a kitchen we always love a little variation with the island and the perimeter cabinetry. You can’t go wrong with cabinets that are the same color but mixing it up brings so much more character to the space. There are no rules with how to choose colors or stains but there are a few combinations that will always win. Here are a few of our favorites.


Design: Ashley Montgomery Design

Remember a few years ago when navy was all the rage in kitchen cabinetry? Well, we still love a navy moment in the kitchen but these days green is the new navy. We are seeing green in all kinds of applications in the home but, we especially love it in a kitchen. It’s important to find just the perfect shade of green, something with almost a historical feel to it is a good choice.


Design by Katie Hackworth

This soulful combination is really unique and unexpected. The rich brown oak cabinetry balances out the more feminine french blue. Something about this pairing feels very european and we are here for it!


Design by Amber Interiors

Nothing is more classic than blue and white. A dark blue / black like French Beret gives so much depth to a white kitchen. Really, any type of blue will do. You can’t go wrong with this combo!

If the millions of paint color options are overwhelming or you need more inspiration for your kitchen project, check out our Paint Guide available now by visiting LEARN by Nature.

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