Creating An Eco-Friendly Smart Home

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Can you go full tech and stay eco-friendly? The answer is YES!

From solar power and automation to smart appliances and programmable thermostats, today’s smart home technology makes your home more efficient, smarter, greener and more environmentally friendly. New, innovative technologies make your life easier and more convenient, and sometimes can even save you money.

But how can technology help you become eco-friendly? It takes electricity to run, doesn’t it? Although that’s true, a smart home can go a long way assisting you in reaching your energy consumption goal. Wireless accessories offer you greater control over your home’s inner workings, making you more aware of how much energy you’re using and allowing you to manage it, ultimately saving you electricity and money.

Here's a few tips on becoming a tech nerd while still caring for the planet:

EnergyYour first stop on the way to building a sustainable smart home – the energy you use, how to minimise it and where it comes from.

Programmable Thermostats

Smart thermostats can reduce wasted energy – and money on those big heating bills. They're super popular and a great way to jump into making your home more energy efficient. Nest's series of smart thermostats is very beginner friendly – they learn your habits, producing a heating schedule based on when you're in and out of the house so you don't need to mess about with them manually too much. Plus there's hot water and cooling options, and a nice ecosystem of Nest products to build out your smart home. Maintaining consistent temperatures, and humidity levels in your home, is also great for the wood in your home, such as your doors, wood floors, windows and cabinetry.


WeMo Insight Smart Plug

Did you know that even though your coffee maker is off, it is still using energy simply because it is still plugged into the outlet? This device lets you catch those “energy vampires" in the act. Do you ever leave your house and wonder if you turned off all of the lights? The WiFi-enabled plug lets you control your devices from your smartphone when you are away and it even reports your energy usage. Another plus is that it works with Alexa.


Motorized Shades

Motorized blinds can be opened and closed simply by touching a button, a remote control, or an app on a smartphone. They can integrate with smart thermostats to use the time of day, temp inside your house, and the weather outside to determine if open or closed blinds is the best energy use. When paired with smart lighting, smart blinds can help maximize the amount of daylight in your home to cut down on electricity usage. For example, opening the blinds can trigger smart lighting to turn off, and vice versa.


The smart home headlines are all about saving energy and money, but once you've got your smart thermostat game sorted, it's time to turn to water consumption.

Hydrao Shower Aloe

The latest Hydrao smart shower head is designed to help you use less water. It lets you know the volume of the shower water you've used via LED lights that turn the water spray blue, green, purple and red. You can set the thresholds yourself – e.g. 10/20/30/40 litres – and view the water and heating savings in the app with a history of the last 1,000 showers. It doesn't need a power supply as it uses the water flow to generate power via a mini turbine – clever.



Getting into smart home tech can mean bringing a lot of black plastic beasts and other problem materials into your living space. A new trend is the use of wood! As well as being a sustainable option, you might also prefer the aesthetic, which you can enjoy without compromising on the connected tech.


This stylish smart air quality monitor tracks VOC chemicals, dust, CO2, temperature and humidity levels in your home environment, then gives you an air quality score out of 100 on its LED matrix display. You get personalised tips for how to improve the air quality in your home via the app and it connects to Alexa for voice controls and Nest. It's made from hand-crafted North American walnut timber and from 100% non-toxic natural materials.


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