Whether you just finished building your awesome new deck and are looking for some design inspiration, or are looking for ways to make your old deck look and feel new again, you’ve come to the right place!

There are a number considerations to be made, both from a stylistic and functionality standpoint, to transform your deck into an extension of your home’s living space.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are 5 items to consider when decking out your deck, and some tips on how to implement into your outdoor space.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Furniture

Trying to decide which pieces of outdoor furniture to purchase for your deck can be overwhelming with SO many options available at your local home improvement stores.

The number one thing to keep in mind here is that your outdoor furniture should look – and feel – comfortable, allowing you to spend as much time as possible with family and friends outdoors (because they never want to go inside!)

Have a big, lush backyard out in the country? Opt for wicker furniture that harmonizes with the outdoor environment.

Living in an urban setting? Select furniture with sleek, sophisticated designs (think modern, clean lines).

However you decide to go, consider adding bright, cushy outdoor throw pillows that will bring in pops of colour and give your deck indoor-worthy styling touches.

Outdoor Rug

With so much focus on selecting furniture, finding the perfect outdoor rug that will compliment your space is often times an afterthought.

Rugs are a great way to provide visual separation between spaces on the deck (think dining and conversation areas). They can also make the space feel more cozy and inviting, replicating an indoor living room or den.

In much the same way as pillows, selecting a rug with bold patterns and colours can add a spark to your deck, and liven up a traditional space.

Outdoor Speakers

Having a supply of good tunes while relaxing on the desk is a must!

There are many options available for weatherproofed outdoor sound systems.

For a more traditional set up, consider hanging speakers up and out of the way along your home’s roof overhang around the deck.

Alternatively, some speakers are integrated into natural elements, like rocks, and can be seamlessly integrated into the outdoor space.

On a budget? Portable speakers with bluetooth connectivity are a convenient, inexpensive option to move around the deck.

Plants and Planters

Strategically placing tall planters or a row of evergreens around the perimeter of the deck will allow for a more private, intimate feel.

If you’ve chosen a more neutral palette for your deck furniture and accessories, consider adding a container garden with a variety of plants, colours, and textures to liven up the space.

Outdoor Lighting

Just because the sun is setting doesn’t mean you have to go inside.

Keep the conversations going long into the evening by installing outdoor lighting.

Consider hanging a decorative porch light or even a chandelier from an outdoor canopy or pergola if available.

Not an electrician? No problem!

A simple, inexpensive way to illuminate your deck is to hang string lights. These warm, inviting lights come in a variety of styles and easily transform an outdoor space.

You may have already started to think of your next personal goals for this upcoming new year 2020. But have you achieved the goals to complete the small projects in your home before the fast approaching new year? Are there areas in your home that need some sprucing up to feel more completed and put together? Here are some tips:







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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your shelves? Do you enjoy dreaming about the potential of how it can look but struggle with actually getting it there? Accessorizing open shelves doesn't have to be dreadful, take months to get it just right or call for multiple trial and error trips to Home Goods. With just a few secret touches, practice, and the right accessories, anyone can create the shelves of their dreams, unique and tailored to their life and style!

Tip #1: Don't be Afraid to Layer Items and to Stack Them

The purpose of layering and stacking is to add depth and dimension which in return creates visual interest. Creating visual interest through height is a specific benefit from layering and stacking.

Break the rule of storing your cutting boards in a cabinet and let them lean. Same thing goes for any artwork that you just don't have the wall space to hang. When layering, the bigger item can lean in the back and the smaller item can sit in the front.

An opportunity to create the perfect height comes from stacking plates and bowls or even the books that don't have a place on your bookshelf.

Tip #2: You Must Not Forget Pops of Greenery and Intriguing Textures

One of the seven design elements is texture. Texture can be visual or tactile. When accessorizing shelves, aim to achieve both. Come on... Are your guest really not going to touch anything on your perfectly styled shelf?

And nothing adds life to a room like a flora! A few plants can wake up an entire space. I always recommend real because fresh flowers smell lovely and certain plants help purify the air, however if you don't have a green thumb, the realest looking fake plants will do.

Tip #3: Use the Power of Neutrals When Everything Else is Colorful

If you are styling shelves in a room with a bright paint color or colored accent furniture, tone done the color palette by using neutral accessories. This creates balance and ensures that your shelves don’t look too overbearing and mismatched. Our eyes are lazy and sometimes needs relief, so using neutrals and leaving some open space won't steer your guest away! You can even try styling entirely in neutrals for a look that feels sophisticated and timeless.

Continuing to decorate below and/or around your shelves is important and will give you a totally completed feel.

Evolve and don't stop when you're done. Let the space work as a living museum. Add new items and let go of others. And it may sound obvious, but the most important thing really is to display the pieces that you love most. Nothing is better than filling your shelves with the things that are important to you. Show off treasures brought back from recent travels, display your accomplishments, and finish it off with a bunch of things that you just plain like.

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