Initial Consultation: flat fee $200 for up to 90 minutes

You and the Designer will go over some concept ideas, discuss and curate inspiration photos, then further hone the scope, discuss project options, timeline and budget. Our Designer take notes, measurements, and photos to help put together a tailored proposal for your project. You and our Designer will then go over and sign the Letter of Agreement that covers all of the expectations during the course of the project and then you'll provide our Designer with a retainer payment.

Design Phase: custom flat fee based on scope (retainer covers this)

Our Designer will begin creating a space that feels authentic to you and your family based on your needs and unique style.You will receive a comprehensive design plan that fits your project needs and budget. You'll receive a presentation with mood boards for each space, a customized shopping list, textile samples, and new floor plans. These proposals are very important, as your approval on items means they will be added to your list of pieces that we will eventually be ordering.

Design Implementation: hourly at $125 per hour

Just like each client, every design solution is unique. Our Designer utilizes a variety of services to fulfill your collaborative interior design plan. During this phase, orders of finishes, furnishings, and accessories are placed, received, and inspected. If necessary, construction and renovation begin.

With custom looks, comes sourcing from vendors that are not open to public without a designer. Our Designer will purchase approved product and will ensure you pay less than retail by passing you on my designer discount. You're more than welcome to purchase product on your own if you come across something you can't live without, however it’ll be your responsibility to read all specifications, return policies & shipping/delivery methods. Often, a contractor or professional handyman will need to be hired toward the end of the project installation for additional services to insure a quality installation.

Upon or following product installation and/or final construction, photographers are brought in to capture your tasteful space, with your approval ofcourse. You are then invited you back home for the BIG REVEAL! You can get back to enjoying your home and back to doing what you do best – living!

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