Constant communication with a Professional Designer: 10 hour minimum at $100 per hr

Coming up with a design for the look and feel of your home can be exciting, but let’s be honest, it can also be intimidating. When you’re indecisive and worried about buyers remorse, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Perhaps you know what you want, but you just need some extra reassurance and advice. Don’t waste any more time – collaborate with Nature's Interior and get used to having a professional interior designer on speed dial!  

You can ask our Designer just about anything and be assured that you will receive honest, professional and knowledgeable feedback. Feel free to contact your Designer with pictures of product you are interested in purchasing or take your Designer shopping with you, layout questions, color choices, throw pillow selections, how high to hang a painting over your mantel, etc. 

Our Designer is available to you Sunday- Saturday from 9am-9pm. Contact information on how you can reach our Designer will become available to you once booking is completed. Your 10 hours starts from the date and time you schedule on the calendar. You will have the opportunity to use these hours as you'd please within a 90 day timeframe.


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